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from With Kindness by Keel Her



Superficial empathy
Invisible anxiety
All my plants are dying on me
I watered them with my tears
Well, run it down, let it out, talk about it

Forgetting insecurities
Reliving past impurities
All my friends are flaking on me
They must have someone else to see
Well, straighten up, keep it in, forget about it

Don’t give me a man and ask me to relate

Got no introductory
Claim no authenticity
All I’ve got’s my feelings
And I’ve got sweet memories
Well, I listened to it, I think it’s a hit, forget about it, I don’t really know

The symptoms of maturity
Self-imposed security
All my thoughts have gone to be
A fixture of their thoughts on me
Well, if it makes, you feel okay, understand it

Don’t give me a man and ask me to relate
Don’t put me to work but ask me to create


from With Kindness, released June 7, 2019




Keel Her UK

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